Sunday, November 22, 2015

Silent but painful!

So, I went out off town this weekend to meet up with some friends for dinner and drinks.  Burn had to work but gave me permission to go on without him.  We talked on the phone some before I left the house and evidently during this talk I left out a few sirs.  (5 according to him) So I was instructed to apply "the cream" as soon as I reach my destination. 
Now it's important to know that this is the very first time the cream has been used so neither of us really know what will happen. 
I get there and go straight to the restroom to follow through,  like the good Tih that I am.... I apply a very cautiously small amount and then I wait, and wait,  and wait.  An hour passes and I tell him I feel nothing to which he replies,  "add more". So back to the restroom I go,  again adding only a cautiously small amount to my behind.  30 minutes later,  nothing.  I return to the restroom one last time and apply a liberal yet still cautious amount.  (By this time I am a little cocky, thinking I have buns of steel)
By this time we are getting in the car to leave for drinks. About 10 minutes in to the drive my behind gets a little warm....nothing major,  just toasty.  We arrive order drinks and are having a wonderful time.  Then out of nowhere,  my ass is on fire!!! Like just spanked,  sitting naked on a heating pad,  scalding water, open flame hot....I'm shifting, standing, dancing, anything to take my mind off of my butt. 3 hours it burns....2 hours after that it tingles, and still today,  24 hours later,  it is still a little warm. 
So,  is it effective?  Let's just say I haven't missed a single sir all day. In fact,  I've probably added 10-15 extra for good measure. Lol The spanking cream would not be my first choice,  but given the situation and the distance,  it was effective and will probably be added to his arsenal for use again.


  1. Is it bad I want to giggle, no laugh hysterically, at this?

    Seriously tho, I'm glad he's stepping outside his comfort zone and trying new things. I'm happy for you that you were able to feel him with you all weekend. Keeps you outside of your head.

  2. Welcome!!
    Oh man you are so brave!!! I just wrote a post about this cream! I will never use it again!! Lol