Friday, November 13, 2015

Starting the fire

Burn and I have been married for 15 years. We met sophomore year of high school and have been sweethearts ever since. We've always had a good relationship but we lacked quite a bit in communication, respect, and intimacy.  Life happened... We have 3 kids, both work full time jobs,  I finished school not too long ago.... We were your typical "too busy making a living to have a life" couple.

One day I did some research online looking for ways to spice up our marriage and bring some excitement back. Spanking... hmmm, that could be interesting.  Spanking led to wife spanking, which led to discipline your wife, which led to domestic discipline.  I can't explain it, but somehow I just knew in the pit of my stomach, the back of my mind,  and the bottom of my heart, that this was what we needed. We didn't need "fixed", we needed enhanced. We needed something solid that could help us build on our love and get the fire rekindled. DD was the answer. Long story kind of short, I took it to Burn and we both researched and read and researched some more.  We talked, actually talked AND listened to each other.  (Big break through because he didn't talk much,  and I didn't listen much) We decided on rules and consequences, established expectations and goals,  and for the first time in 15 years we put our relationship at the top of our priority list.

DD has given me a new found respect for my husband, increased our communication by leaps and bounds,  and has given me some of the best and most enjoyable sex I have ever had! Would we be ok if we had not discovered DD? Sure we would.  However why settle for a small campfire when you can have a blazing bonfire?!

Just like a fire,  you have to fan the flame. You have to constantly tend it,  add to it, and watch it,  to ensure it doesn't burn out.  I'm excited to share our journey with you as I navigate my way through being his tih and feeling the Burn!


  1. Nice sweet story. I like the "enhanced" marriage. Good luck with the new blog.